Utah’s Goat is Open for Business…Promoting Your Business!

We’re so excited to share that, after spending months on building our brand and creating our programming, we’re now ready to help you promote your business. We know our audience really is the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) and they have told us in person, at events, on social media, and even here on our site, how much they love our music. Connecting local businesses to our incredible listeners is what we do best. Call Frank at 385-248-2285 or find out more here

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  1. I love your music! But what’s up with Bob Dylan? I get so tired of hearing “Bob Dylan” that I change to a different radio station or just turn the radio off. I hate to do that, because I really do love your station, you play the greatest music, but I can only hear so much “Bob Dylan”. Keep on playing great music but loose the “Bob Dylan”.

  2. Just found you last month when I heard a VERY appropriate song on this new radio station: “See you in September…” by the Happenings. It’s about time Utah got hip to the trip that took us from “When the music died (Thank you Don McLean) in 1959 in the Dakotas when we lost “The father, son, and Holy ghost” (aka Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly , and the Big Bopper)in a wintry plane crash. Elvis Presley was drafted (“Bye bye love…0 , Little Richard turned religious (Good Golly Miss Mollie!) and Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin! A real taboo then and STILL today. Then we waded through endless hours of Koom-by-yah type heartless music until the Beach boys and Jan and Dean revived our vitality and Chubby came up with a new type of dance called the “Twist.” The Beatles assuaged our grief with their “invasion” after JFK was assassinated and then we took a REAL trip through the psychedelic era with the Sergeants and the good vibrations all the way from Haight Ashbury to Woodstock Nation (Never to be reborn again even though futile attempts were taken this past year for a “Woodstock 50”) Then the super pretentious disco era (in which I sadly took part as a disco jock in the southern California groups…yeah I was a “disco duck”.. thank your Rick Dee and your cast of Idiots..) and then came the rebirth of real heart and soul music as heavy metal which competed with the high shoes and afros and leisure suits came to be known as heavy metal and then also grunge, rap and gansta rap and hip hop. Now we have music for everybody. But my main question is : Do we have any Eric Claptons, Steve Vais or any other guitar playing breed left out there to know how to play the dang things anymore?
    P.S. Could you guys use some SALES help?

  3. I have not heard that much of Bob Dylan but I think this station is bloomin GREAT !! The best station since I came to the USA from London UK. All of the music is just ” up my street” and brings back fantastic memories of back home. Its also from my era !! LOL…!

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