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  1. What a flood of memories you bring back. I remember when….driving down the road in 67 listening to the tunes. Wow I’m 18 again.
    Your Goat sound bit is too wimpy. You need more base. More of a gruff sound (old goat)

  2. Holy Shit!!!! It’s about time!!! I love this. We need 60’s.. NO one plays it anymore. There is A BIG NEED for this grate music. So VERY glad to have found you. But so sad… I live in Draper and can’t get it. I’m in the car a lot and you guys fade out at the point of the Mountain. What can I do to help…to bring it over the point of the mountain to our car’s. There our 1000’s in Salt lake Who would love this. I LOVE YOUR STATION !!!!

  3. I LOVE your station. THe music is wonderful. So many great tunes the other oldies stations ignore, but not you. Thank you. But I never hear commercials. How are you paying for this?

    • Kelley,
      Thank you for listening and your comments. We love sharing this great music. We have spent the last several months building an audience. We are preparing to launch advertising sales shortly. We hope you’ll keep listening and support the businesses that support our music.

  4. I love The Goat. I just discovered your station about a week ago. Your station plays the songs that I grew up with. Not enough “oldies” stations play music from my generation anymore. Thank you for playing great music from the 50s and 60s!

    • Sandra,
      We’re working to get an app for our station, however, for the moment you should still be able to use the player on our website by visiting utahsgoat.com from the web browser on your tablet.

  5. I love the station. This morning I heard These Eyes by The Guess Who and Bus Stop by The Hollies.You also play a lot of Beatles and Motown classics.

  6. Is there a live list of what was played recently? I heard a song I wanted to listen to again but I don’t know what it was, just when it was played this evening

  7. Hi, love your stations, on the mellow fm station you played a song on the afternoon of October the 12, almost exactly at 4:00 p.m., that had a sitar playing at the beginning and some of the lyrics were I think, your everything I need, your my lover and my friend. Could you tell me the name of the song and the artist doing it. Thanks and again love your stations.

    • We’re sorry, we don’t have an answer to that question. Unfortunately, we do not own 1580. We are not certain when new programming will be placed on the station by the new owners.

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