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  1. What a flood of memories you bring back. I remember when….driving down the road in 67 listening to the tunes. Wow I’m 18 again.
    Your Goat sound bit is too wimpy. You need more base. More of a gruff sound (old goat)

  2. Holy Shit!!!! It’s about time!!! I love this. We need 60’s.. NO one plays it anymore. There is A BIG NEED for this grate music. So VERY glad to have found you. But so sad… I live in Draper and can’t get it. I’m in the car a lot and you guys fade out at the point of the Mountain. What can I do to help…to bring it over the point of the mountain to our car’s. There our 1000’s in Salt lake Who would love this. I LOVE YOUR STATION !!!!

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